This copy of the Bylaws contains the proposed changes so that you can review them. I have tried to note the proposed changes of the word which is 'replacing' the current one, by putting it in 'bold' type. If you have any questions, or comments, please contact us. 

Friends of the Bastrop Public Library Bylaws

Amended at the Annual Meeting  September 2, 2014

     Article 1: Name

           The name of this organization will shall be the Friends of the Bastrop Public Library, herein referred to as Friends

Article II: Vision, Mission, and Goals

     Section 1: Vision

          The Vision of Friends is: “To provide and enlist support for the Bastrop Public Library.”

     Section 2: Mission

          The Mission of Friends is:

  • To develop additional resources and funds for the Bastrop Public Library (herein referred to as the Library).

  • To serve as an advocate and voice for the Library.

  • To promote cultural, educational, and informational exchange.

  • To increase heighten public awareness of the Library.

     The Mission of the Friends shall may be set and re-examined each year by the Executive Committee to ensure that the         Mission is still relevant to the organization.

Section 3: Goals

The Executive Committee shall may review and amend the Goals of the Friends as needed to achieve the Vision and Mission adopted.

Article III: Membership and Dues

     Section 1: Membership Defined

          Any individual or organization is shall be eligible for membership and will shall be a member upon payment of the              appropriate annual dues.

    Section 2: Dues

          Membership dues and categories shall may be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

     Section 3: Voting Rights of Members

          Each organization or individual member is shall be entitled to one vote.

Article IV:  Officers and Executive Committee

     Section 1: Officers and Executive Committee Defined

          The officers of Friends shall be:

  • President

  • Vice President of Fundraising

  • Vice President of Publicity

  • Vice President of Outreach -we propose combining Publicity & Outreach

  • Vice President of Volunteers

  • Vice President of Membership -we propose combining Volunteers &  Membership

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Members-At-Large (up to five)

     The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and up to five (5) Members-At-Large to be elected at the         annual meeting. In addition, the Library Director will shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the Executive        Committee of Friends.

     At the first Executive Committee meeting  (remove -immediately) following the annual meeting, one of the Vice               Presidents will shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, to assume the duties       of the President, if the President is unable to perform the duties assigned by these Bylaws.

Section 2: Duties of the Officers and Executive Committee members

A. President:

        1. To open and chair all meetings of the Friends and to conduct them in  accordance with the Bylaws as set forth in                   Article V.

        2. To act as the representative of Friends at the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Library and at Bastrop City                 Council meetings as needed.

        3.  To appoint all chairs of special committees with the consent of the Executive Committee.

        4.  To expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of members and the Vision, Mission, and Goals of                   the Friends.

        5.  To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

B. Secretary

  1. To keep a record (minutes) of all the proceedings of the Friends.

  2. To keep on file all committee reports.

  3. To maintain record books in which the Bylaws, special Rules of Order, standing Rules, and minutes are entered, with any amendments to these documents properly recorded, and to have the current record books on had at every meeting.

  4. To send, provide, or post a notice of all meetings to each member as necessary for the proper conduct of business.

  5. To prepare prior to each meeting, as requested an order of business (agenda) for the use of the presiding officer, showing in their exact order, all matters that are due to come up and times for which they are set (if applicable).

  6. To maintain all proper correspondence of the Friends that is not the proper function of any other officer or committee.

  7. In the absence of the President and designated Vice President, to serve as a temporary President. (remove-call the meeting to order and to preside until the immediate election of a Chairman ProTem.)

  8. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.    

C.  Treasurer:

  1. To receive all funds of the Friends and to make deposits to the appropriate accounts as required.

  2. To forward membership information to the Vice President of Membership.

  3. To disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Committee for the operation of Friends.

  4. To prepare and make available to the Executive Committee a report of the financial status of the Friends as often as required by the Executive Committee.

  5. To prepare an Annual Financial Report and to make this report available to the membership at the annual meeting.

  6. To keep and maintain all records necessary to prepare all reports and to account for all receipts and disbursements.

  7. To prepare a Projected Budget for each year, with the help of the Executive Committee. (this is something the treasurer has been doing for years, but it was not specified)

  8. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

D.  Vice President of Fundraising:

        1. To identify specific events to increase cash flow for the Friends.

        2. To carry out to a successful conclusion all fundraising events, including but not limited to, planning, and event                     coordination.

        3. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

        4. To be responsible for the operation of The Book Nook .

         5. To organize and conduct the Annual Book Sale. (these were formerly committee positions. Since they are our most important fundraising operations, we believe they should be run under the direction of an officer)

E.  Vice President of Publicity:

  1. To provide for the public relations and promotional needs of the Friends.

  2. To provide the public contact with other entities for the events of the Friends.

  3. To provide for all needed advertising of the events of the Friends.

  4. To make available news releases and articles that will promote the Friends.

  5. To produce and secure the needed brochures, printed materials, and flyers used to promote the Friends.

  6. To publish a newsletter about the Friends.

  7. To be responsible for maintaining the Friends Website.

  8. To be responsible for maintaining the Friends social media presence. (These are new responsibilities which seem to fit here)

  9. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

F.  Vice President of Outreach:

     1. To establish and maintain outreach programs for the library.

     2. To provide support for literacy programs in the Bastrop area.

     3. To represent the Friends at the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce meetings

     4. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

G.  Vice President of Volunteers:

  1. To schedule volunteers for special events.

  2. To develop a list of volunteers who are willing to: in cooperation with the Library

                        a. Assist in the ongoing work of the library.

                        b. Help with occasional duties.

     3. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

H.  Vice President of Membership

  1. To maintain a current roster of Friends members; including name, address, telephone number, and email address.

  2. To acknowledge new members with appropriate correspondence.

  3. To obtain member benefits. (We are going to remove these words.)

I.  Library Director:

  1. To serve as a direct link with the Library and to provide the Friends with feedback

                       that identifies how (remove: the manner in which) they may best support the Library.

                 2. To perform all other duties as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

J.  Members-at-Large:

      1. To perform all duties and functions as may be conferred by the Executive Committee.

      2. Each of the members-at-large will volunteer to assist one of the officers, as  needed. This also allows them to become familiar with those job requirements. (this is an addition)

Note: If we combine four of the offices into two, we would then have six elected officers plus up to five members-at-large.

Section 3: Nomination of Officers and Members-at-Large

  1. The committee appointed by the Executive Committee will shall nominate officers and Members-at-Large.

  2. The names of those nominated will shall be sent to the general membership with the notice of the annual meeting.

  3. The Nominating Committee will shall submit nominations at the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting with the consent of the nominee, either in person or by submission of a signed statement indicating a willingness to be nominated for any vacant position on the Executive Committee.

Section 4: Election of Officers and Members-at-Large

  1. Officers will shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at the annual meeting. The term of office will shall be two (2) years or until successors have been elected. Officers will shall take office on October 1, or immediately at the conclusion of the annual meeting, whichever is later.

  2. The President, Secretary, Vice President of Fundraising, and the Vice President of Volunteers and Membership will shall be elected at the annual meeting in each even-numbered year. The Treasurer and Vice Presidents of Publicity and Outreach, and Volunteers will shall be elected at the annual meeting in each odd-numbered year.

  3. Up to five (5) persons may be elected as Members-at-Large at the annual meeting. Members-at-Large will shall serve for a period of one (1) year.

  4. If any Executive Committee position is vacated during the year, the Executive Committee, by a vote of the majority of the remaining elected members, will shall elect and confirm a person to fill the vacancy.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1:  General Membership

  1. The Executive Committee will have shall hold an annual meeting of the Friends in September of each year. The membership will shall be notified of the time and place at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

  2. The Executive Committee may call additional general membership meetings at any time. The membership will shall be notified of the time and place prior to the called meeting.

  3. All general membership meetings will shall be open to the public. Only dues-paying members of the Friends will are shall be permitted to cast ballots or to vote on any issue presented to the membership.

  4. Those members of the Friends present will shall constitute a quorum provided there is a quorum of the Executive Committee present, as specified in Article V, Section 2.B of these by-laws.

Section 2: Executive Committee Meetings

  1. The Executive Committee will shall meet at least ten (10) times each fiscal year for the conduct of business of the Friends. The President will shall set the time and place for the meetings. All Executive Committee members will shall be notified at least seven (7) days before the meeting.

  2. A majority of the elected members of the Executive Committee will shall constitute a quorum for conducting  of business. The Library Director will shall not count towards the establishment of a quorum nor act as a substitute proxy for any elected officer. Any other qualified substitute proxy for an absent member will shall count towards the establishment of a quorum.

  3. At the first meeting of the fiscal year, the newly elected officers, and all outgoing officers will shall meet to provide an orderly transition of duties and powers.

  4. Votes may be cast by telephone, text (remove facsimile), or email. A written memorandum of a vote received by telephone, or the hard copy of votes received by text (remove facsimile) or email, will be kept shall be retained by the Secretary with the applicable minutes or resolution.

Section 3.  Conduct of Business

  1. All meetings of Friends will shall be conducted in accordance with these Bylaws and in a style as determined by the Executive Committee at the first Executive Committee meeting after the annual meeting each fiscal year.

Article VI:  Amending These Bylaws

Section 1: As an Agenda Item

Any member may propose a change to these bylaws. The proposed change will shall be presented in writing to any member of the Executive Committee not later than August 10 of any calendar year. The Executive Committee will shall have the power to recommend approval or not. Any proposed change presented must be placed on the agenda for consideration at the annual meeting. A majority vote of the members present agreeing concurring will be required to approve the amendment.

Section 2:  Floor Amendment

Any member may propose a change to these bylaws at the annual meeting. A copy of the proposed amendment must be presented to the Secretary and shall be included as “new business” on the agenda. The proposed amendment will shall be seconded from the floor and will shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present to be approved.

Section 3:  Effective Date

All approved amendments to these bylaws will shall become effective immediately following approval at the annual meeting where they will shall have been approved.

Article VII:  Funds

Section 1:  Disposition of Funds

All funds will shall be deposited to the accounts of Friends.

Section 2:  Awarding of Funds

The awarding of funds will shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

Section 3:  Signature Requirements

The Treasurer and one other officer must shall sign all checks.

Section 4:  Annual Financial Report

An annual report of the funds received and disbursed will shall be made to the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 5:  Disposition of Funds in the Event of Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Friends, all funds will shall be placed in the Bastrop Public Library Board  (remove- incorrect name: Memorial) Fund.

Section 6:  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of this organization will begin shall commence on October 1 of each year and will shall end on September 30 of the following year.

This is a true and correct copy of the bylaws as amended at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Bastrop Public Library on September 2, 2014.