More Than 150,000 Books Shelved at Local Library

Do you find facts and figures fascinating?

They can serve as helpful measures of lots of things. We know our weight, blood pressure, and hopefully, our bank balance. Have you ever wondered about some of the statistics related to your local library?

It’s very important to remember that our library is almost entirely funded through sales tax collected in the City of Bastrop. When we shop local it supports our library as well as the folks who work here. I’m highlighting some facts about the library, but by no means all!

You might be surprised how many people visit the Bastrop Public Library each year and how many books are checked out by our hardworking staff during the most recent fiscal year ending in September.

  • 53,459 books are in the library collection

  • 142,956 individual titles were checked out, plus more than 10,000 titles added or removed

  • The most popular category is DVDs with 20,458 movies enjoyed by cardholders

  • 13,464 users logged into the library computers

  • Free internet service was accessed by 25,132 people

And believe it or not, 114,567 people visited our library.

That’s impressive considering that there are 34,000 people in the area served by our library. While there are 84,761 residents in the county, residents also visit the Smithville and Elgin libraries.

Most importantly to me, children and teens enjoyed an impressive 7,851 programs!

If you haven’t been in the library lately, stop in soon. Check out a book or movie and say ‘thanks’ to our helpful staff. Bastrop Public Library is an essential asset to our county and the city I am proud to call home.