Do You Know This Fascinating Fact About the Bastrop Public Library?

Hurricane, flood, wildfire, we’ve seen all of these in Bastrop County in the last few years. It’s good to know our government officials have Emergency Plans in place even though we sure hope we never need them.

Last year I was investigating all the services our library provides, and I found a little-known fact about the Bastrop Public Library

Did you know Mickey DuVall, the Library Director, is also the Shelter Officer and that the library staff develops, maintains, and runs the Emergency Shelter when it needs to open? They are folks of many talents that’s for sure.


You can find the Emergency Shelter in the new Bastrop Senior Center at 1209 Linden St., Bldg. A. It’s a beautiful new building right across from the baseball fields and next to the park.

The Office of Emergency Management has the overall responsibility for the shelter and appoints a variety of city departments to run individual components. However, Mickey and the other library employees spend a lot of time throughout the year with these responsibilities:

  • The Shelter Officer must identify volunteer organizations willing to support the local shelter and to help provide mass care.

  • He or she must find and coordinate with these groups and sign agreements with them.

  • The Shelter Officer must also coordinate and disseminate the operating guidelines.

  • Ensure that the facilities are staffed and equipped with needed supplies (beds, food, etc.)

  • Coordinate mass feeding when needed.

  • If the Library Director cannot fill this position, it falls to the Library Program and Public Service Supervisor and next, to the Library Technical Services Supervisor.


The library staff at the Holiday Open House 2017

The library staff at the Holiday Open House 2017

So, let’s give a big shout of thanks to Mickey DuVall and all the competent members of the Bastrop Public Library staff for only one of the many things they do to support our community.

If you would like to become a trained volunteer, ready to assist at the shelter if needed, please contact Mickey DuVall at the library.  Please read this article on the website to make sure your emergency go-bag is stocked.